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Ultra-Low Power Tri-Axis Gyroscope/ Tri-Axis Accelerometer - KXG08

The KXG08 is an advanced 6-axis accelerometer/gyroscope combination device that features a configurable low-power architecture with 200µA operating current in normal mode (-2080 product only), 600µA maximum operating current in high resolution mode, I²C/SPI digital communications, an auxiliary bus to control and buffer external sensors and advanced buffering, temperature sensor, power management and synchronization features. The KXG08 allows the user to balance between current consumption and noise performance with excellent bias stability over temperature. Sensor bandwidth and data rate is user-selectable. The KXG08 is packaged in a single 3 x 2.5 x 0.9 mm, 14-pin, LGA package.


  • Low power with configurable power management modes
  • Larger 4096-byte buffer functionality including timestamps
  • Freefall, Tap, Double Tap, Tilt Orientation Detection
  • Supports external sensors with auxiliary I2C bus
  • Embedded temperature sensor



陀螺滿量程範圍 G 值範圍 靈敏度 解析度 封裝尺寸 引腳 封裝類型 介面 (輸出) 啟動 工作溫度 (Min.)[°C] 工作溫度 (Max.)[°C] 供應電壓 [V]
6 +/-2048, +/-1024, +/-512, +/-256, º/sec 2g, 4g, 8g, 16g 16384 (± 2g), 8192 (± 4g), 4096 (± 8g), 2048 (±16g), counts/g 16-bit 3x2.5x0.9mm 14-pin LGA Digital SPI/I²C Yes -40 85 1.35-3.6


零件號 立即購買 說明 文件
EVAL-KXG08 Cart KXG08 Evaluation Board KMMMDP001R04 Board Layout (KXG08)
KMMMDP001R04 Schematic (KXG08)